Friday, October 14, 2011

Week of October 16 to 22, 2011

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

This Sunday, please join us to celebrate
Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost,

Join us a as community to worship and
proclaim an inclusive and transforming Gospel.
See you on Sunday @ 10:30 am.

Here is some news to share with you:

The homily this Sunday is based on
Jesus and Taxes.
OCTOBER 16th @ 10:30 AM

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost,
Presider & Homilist: Father Maurice
Lay Reader: Jean Colwell
Sidepeople for October:
Gordon & Mildred Leighton, & Harlan Lunn
Chancel Guild:
Betty Morgan & Kay Karbownik
Hymns: 337, 328, 617 & 350
Rite: BCP

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CONGESTION & TRAFFIC: Please, consider to visit due this Sunday, OCT 16 from noon to 4 pm there will take place a marathon, half-marathon and walk in the city of Toronto. Please, visit for further information.

THE BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS: Thank you everybody who help us to promote this beautiful liturgy every year. This year we had two dogs, one cat and several pictures of pets from members and friends of our congregation.

SUNDAY LEAFLET: Please, consider taking home the Sunday Leaflet. It can help you review the readings, collect, prayers and news, or you can share it with other parishioners or friends who were not able to attend the Sunday Service. Thank you for your cooperation.

WEDNESDAY SERVICES: Join us for our Study & Holy Eucharist on Wednesday, October 19th @ 10 am we will finish the series of studies on Liturgy & Symbolism, followed by coffee time. Liturgical Colour: Green. We pray for the Diocese of Turks & Caicos, West Indies. Readings: Romans 8: 28-39; Psalm 116: 10-16 & St. Luke 12: 8-12.

SUNDAY SCHOOL STARTED @ ST.PAUL'S: Bring your children! They need to learn about the Scriptures, the Gospel and Jesus with special emphasis and materials for children. You will be amazed how much they can learn and grow in their spiritual life and faith. Every Sunday @ 10:30 am. Sunday School coordinator: Colleeen Milburn.

PRAYERS: Please, keep in your prayers:
For those who are travelling:
For those who are sick: Lyne Argyle, Bernice Graham, Gregory Greco, Mick Dorsett, Ruby Rasmussen, Monica Edwards, Winsibley and Arthur & Beulah Reid.
For those who are sick. Additional Requests this month: Fr. Harold Nahabedian & Dianne Drake.
Those who are in need: For the Canadian Forces abroad.
We pray for those who have died: For all those beloved from our congregation, family members, relatives & friends of St.Paul's: Querima Tapia, Reginald Coutourier & Bill Tymniski.
Our thanksgiving prayer for: For the ministry of the Chancel Guild of our parish and its coordinator Marg Lyons.
Please, let us keep our prayer list updated by checking the book at the entrance of the nave. Thanks.

OCT 15 Day Care official opening from 12 to 3 pm
OCT 16 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am
OCT 16 Spanish Mass at San Esteban @ 2 pm
OCT 17-18 Clergy Retreat at Kempelfeldt
OCT 18 Advisory Board @ 8 pm (Pro-active format)
OCT 19 Wednesday Study & HE @ 10 am
OCT 19 Corporation meeting @ 12 pm
OCT 19 Ethnic Ministries @ 3 pm
OCT 20 Italian Mass @ 10 am @ St.Mary Magdalene
OCT 20 E-book Team meeting @ 1 pm
OCT 20 Discussion Group from 7;30 to 8:30 pm
OCT 20 Pastoral Councelling @ 12 pm
OCT 23 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am
OCT 23 Spanish Mass at San Esteban @ 2 pm
OCT 24 Pastoral Councelling @ 10 am
OCT 26 Wednesday Study & HT @ 10 am
OCT 27 Italian Mass @ 10 am at St.Mary Magdalene
OCT 27 Clericus meeting @ 12 pm
OCT 27 Presentation @ College of Bishops @ 2:15 pm
OCT 30 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am
OCT 30 Spanish Mass at San Esteban @ 2 pm.

THURSDAY DISCUSSION GROUP: We will re-start on Thursday, October 20th from 7:30 to 8:30 pm sharp. Join us and let us learn and grow together in this journey of faith and spirit. Very inter-active dynamic. We are looking for you!!!

Zoomorphic symbol
for St. Luke the Evangelist

OCT 17 Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr, c. 155
OCT 18 St. Luke the Evangelist
OCT 19 Jean de Brebeuf & companions, Martys, 1642
OCT 23 St. James of Jerusalem
OCT 26 Alfred the Great, King of West Saxon
OCT 28 St. Simon and St. Jude, Apostles
OCT 29 James Hannington & companions, Martyrs, 1885
OCT 30 John Wyclyf and Jan Hus, Reformers, 1384 & 1415
OCT 31 Saints of the Reformation Era.
For more information about the calendar of the Church Year, check the BAS (pages 14 to 33).

OCT 16 Diocese of Johannesburg, South Africa
OCT 17 Diocese of Jos, Nigeria
OCT 18 Diocese of Juba, Sudan
OCT 19 Diocese of The Thurks & Caicos, West Indies
OCT 20 Diocese of Kabba, Nigeria
OCT 21 Diocese of Kaduli, Sudan
OCT 22 Diocese of Kaduna, Nigeria.

OCT 16 Jean Colwell
OCT 23 Margaret Lyons
OCT 30 Harlan Lunn.

FLOWERS AT THE ALTAR: Thank you for your support and the beautiful flowers given through the year.
SUN. OCT 16 Put your name here
SUN. OCT 23 Put your name here
SUN. OCT 30 Put your name here.


OCT 16 Put your name here
OCT 23 Elizabeth Quinlan
OCT 30 Father Maurice

OCT 20 Kay Karbownik
OCT 23 Beverly Weir
OCT 24 Elizabeth Quinlan
OCT 27 Michael Li

OCT 16 Cliff & Barb Nobel. Marriage Anniversary
OCT 22 Philippa & Kieran Barton. Memorial Anniversary
OCT 26 Clara & Chase Norton, Baptismal Anniversary.

FOOD BANK: Thank you very much to everyone who is supporting our Food Bank that we share with those in need. We are asking to focus more into food and supplies for children (diapers). Please, do not bring peanut butter. Thanks.

HARBOUR CRUISE for HOMELESS YOUTH: Aboard the "Wayward Princess". Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Cockatil Menu, DJ & Cash Bar. To order tickets go to: and click on link or call Debbie at 416-466-0579. Door Prizes - 50/50 Draw. $ 60 p/p. Proceeds to go to Covenant House in loving memory of Pippa and Kieran Barton.

WEEKLY SMILE: "I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it". W.C.Fields.

WHO IS WHO?: Each month we will have a person to discover! A few clues and let us guess the person's name: Has three children, sit at the back, has curly hair and live quite close. So, who is our person of October? Let us know during the coffee hour.

NOV 06 Remembrance Sunday
NOV 25-26 Diocesan Synod
DEC 18 Christmas Pageant
DEC 24 Christmas Eve Service
DEC 25 Christmas Sunday

EPILOGUE: Come and join us. Our Eucharist Sunday Service @ 10:30 am. and Wednesday Study and HT @ 10 am.

See you around. Chanel your gifts and talents with us!


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