Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In the heart of the city this great oasis.

The accordion added a special touch to the
music during the liturgy.

Bill and Nancy from Holy Trinity,
always happy and integrated

Marty from Holy Trinity and her banjo.
What a great sound!

Fr. Sherman and Jairo from San Esteban.
David our BBQ chef. Thanks for your good will.

High Park is a beloved place of Torontonians
and St. Paul's Church.

Harlan support England and Femi Nigeria
at the World Cup.

Betty & Ken smiling and enjoying the outdoor service.

After a great service and BBQ it is time for sunbath

Great facilities especially the playground and High Park.

Fr. Sherman found a great toy to keep playing

Everyone can find a inner child inside.

Fr. Sherman returning tables and stuff to downtown Holy Trinity.

Fr. Maurice and Carlos from San Esteban.

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