Friday, August 20, 2010

Week of August 22 to 28, 2010
Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

This Sunday, please join us to celebrate
Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost.
Join us a as community to worship and proclaim an
inclusive and transforming Gospel.
See you on Sunday @ 10:30 am.

Here is some news to share with you:

AUGUST 22nd @ 10:30 AM
Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Father Maurice
Homilist: Father Maurice
Lay Reader: Harlan Lunn
Sidepeople for August:
Marg Lyons, Kay Karbownik & Harlan Lunn
Chancel Guild:
Marg Lyons & Liz Quinlan
Hymns: 306, 564, 293 & 529
Rite: BAS
POST APPRECIATION DINNER: On Wednesday, August 18th, 27 members of our parish gathered at Mandarin Restaurant to express our appreciation and gratitud to Bert & Carol Hein who are moving early September to Napanee. Bert & Carol are very beloved to us and we will miss them. Brian Beech was the M.C and Marg Lyons the organizer. Thank to everybody who was able to attend.
WEDNESDAY SERVICES: Join us for our Wednesday Study & Holy Eucharist this Wednesday, August 25th @ 10 am. We pray for the Diocese of Georgia, USA. Liturgical Colour: Green. Readings: 2 Thessalonians 3: 6-10; Psalm 128 & St, Matthew 28: 16-20. We continues the series of studies on Via Lucis (Way of Light), Station # 11.
PRAYERS: Please, keep in your prayers:
For those who are sick: Henry Morgan, Bishop Michael Bedford-Jones, Maureen Curtin, Tim Shields, Eleanor Boehm, Arthur Reid, Ileen Dudek, Frank Jennings, Arthur Reid, Glen Garbutt, Margaret Sills, Jack & Eleanor Lynch, Stephen Edwards, Shirley Buckley, Regina Jawrosky, Ron Nicholson & Jeff Willis.
For those who are sick. Additional Requests this month: Betty Morgan and family, Noreen Hayashi, Rob Blair, Vanessa, Nicholas Milburn-Tai, David Ortiz & the Follett Family.
Those who are in need: For the Canadian Forces abroad & people victims of natural disasters in China & Pakistan, terrorism or fanaticism.
We pray for those who have died: For all those beloved from our congregation, family members, relatives & friends of St.Paul's: Fred Prier, Sapper Brian Collier & Scott Brian.
Our thanksgiving prayer for: For the new life of Nicholas Milburn-Tai and Maggie Lyons-Barton.
Please, let us keep our prayer list updated by checking the book at the entrance of the nave. Thanks.
AUG 22 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
AUG 25 Wednesday Study & Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
AUG 29 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
AUG 30 The Great Plaque-in-the-Park Caper @ 6 pm
SEP 01 Wednesday Study & Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
SEP 05 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
SEP 06 Labour Day
SEP 08 Wednesday Study & Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
SEP 09 Clericus Meeting @ 1 pm
SEP 09 Corporation Meeting @ 8 pm
SEP 12 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am
SEP 13 Advisory Board @ 8 pm
SEP 14 Clericus Meeting @ 11 am
SEP 15 Wednesday Study & Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
SEP 19 Baptism of Marg Lyons-Barton
SEP 19 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30
SEP 19 Roast Corn Festival @ Baptism's reception
SEP 26 Back to Church program

BIRTHDAYS OF AUGUST-SEPTEMBER: We congratulate all our sisters and brothers on their coming birthdays during August & September. They are:
AUG 29 Sam Kingston
AUG 30 Mitchell Lyons
SEP 04 Maya Stankiewicz
SEP 20 Jose Coroa
SEP 26 Thomas Tudor
SEP 29 Catherine Hanes

God bless all of them in this new year of life.

SEP 19 Marg Lyons-Barton
THE GREAT PLAQUE-IN-THE-PARK CAPER: Monday, August 30th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at The Canadian National Exhibition. There is a special 100th anniversary celebration to commemorate the day that Lord Baden-Powell opened Toronto's 32nd CNE in the summer of 1910. Everyone is invited to this event! More details for admission, please contact Marg & Jack Lyons or check the information posted at our news board. Thanks.
This week we pray for:
AUG 22 For the Church in South Africa
AUG 23 Diocese of Gboko, Nigeria
AUG 24 Diocese of George, South Africa
AUG 25 Diocese of Georgia, USA
AUG 26 Diocese of Gippsland, Australia
AUG 27 Diocese of Gitega, Burundi
AUG 28 Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway, Scotland.

AUG 24 Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
AUG 27 Monica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo, 387
AUG 28 Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, 430
AUG 29 The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist
AUG 30 Robert McDonald, Priest in the West Arctic, 1913
AUG 31 Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Missionary, 651.
For more information about the calendar of the Church Year, check the BAS (pages 14 to 33).

AUG 22 Harlan Lunn
AUG 29 Brian Beech
SEP 05 Radika Fraser
SEP 12 Elizabeth Quinlan
SEP 19 Harlan Lunn
SEP 26 Brian Beech.
GARDENING @ ST. PAUL'S: David Borsa is coordinating the gardening team at our parish. Are you interested? Contact David for more information and schedule. Thank you for your interest and good will to improve our parish garden. Remember: "one rule is no mistake in gardening."
FLOWERS AT THE ALTAR: In September we will start our calendar to dedicate flowers to the altar. WE will post soon the new system for this beautiful way of thanksgiving to God.

COFFEE HOUR: Help with coffee hour. Please, sign up on the list at the newsboard. Thank you for your time and generousity in sharing a great time as a community parish. Light refreshments only.
AUG 22 Father Maurice
AUG 29 Put your name here
SEP 03 Put your name here
SEP 12 Put your name here
SEP 19 Put your name here
SEP 26 Put your name here.

WEEKLY SMILE: "The secret to success is to offend the greatest number of people." Bernard Shaw.

WHO IS WHO?: Each month we will have a new person to discover! A few clues and let us guess the person's identity: Loves to ring the bell at church and has fancy and Salvador Dali's moustache. So, who is our person of August? Let us know during the coffee hour.

VISIT OUR BLOG MORE OFTEN: We invite you to visit more often our blog, and click here: It is very easy to use and to read. It is an option to our web page and it is updated very often. Add this blog into your FAVOURITES in your computer. Let us know how we can improve this new channel of contact and communication. Thanks.

SEP 19 Corn Roast at Maggie's Baptism
NOV 07 Remembrance Sunday
DEC 19 Christmas Pageant
DEC 24 Christmas Eve Service
FEB 13 Annual Vestry Meeting
FEB 20 Baden Powell Sunday
FEB 27 Bishop Poole Visit
MAR 09 Ash Wednesday
APR 17-24 Holy Week
MAY 03 Mother's Day
JUN 12 Pentecost Service
JUN 19 Father's Day
DEC 24 Christmas Eve Service
DEC 25 Christmas Pageant.

CENTENNIAL BOOK: Harlan Lunn is leading the project to publish our Centennial Book, that we hope will be ready before Christmas. Colleen Milburn is assisting and thank her for her good will.
BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY: Sunday, September 26th will be Back to Church Sunday throughout the diocese and around the world throughout the Anglican Communion. The theme this year will be "Come as you are". This is a chance to invite neighbours, colleagues, friends and family to a service at our parish. Please start thinking now about individuals that you would like to invite to share in worship and fellowship that Sunday.
EPILOGUE: Come and join us. Our Eucharist Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am.

God bless you


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