Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week of July 26 to August 1st, 2009

The Feast of
St. Mary Magdalene
Week of Julio 26 to August 1st, 2009
Come help us to celebrate our Centennial
1909 - 2009

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

This Sunday, please join us to celebrate Eighth Sunday after Pentecost and the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene.
Join us a as community to worship and proclaim an inclusive and transforming Gospel.
See you on Sunday @ 10:30 am.

Remember, our final countdown for our centennial is:
133 days!!!
Here is some news to share with you:

JULY 26th @ 10:30 AM
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost and
The Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene.
Presider & Homilist:
Fr. Maurice Francois
Reader: Harlan Lunn
Sidepersons for July:
Betty Morgan, Carole & Bert Hein.

Readings: 2 Samuel 11: 1-15; Psalm 14;
Ephesians 3: 14-21 St. John 20: 1-3, 11-18.
511, 645, 48 & 629.

WEDNESDAY JUL 29th: Join us for our Wednesday Study and Eucharistic Celebration of 10 am. This Wednesday we pray for the Diocese of Ripon & Leeds, England. Liturgical Colour: Green. Readings: Exodus 34: 29-35; Psalm 99 & St. Matthew 13: 44-46.

POST BBQ: Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make our BBQ a success. Who needs good weather when you have the company of wonderful friends. We thank everyone who attended. We had 60 people of all ages come out to enjoy the food and laughs.

CYCLE FOR WEDNESDAY STUDIES: We just started with the Book of the Saints of the Anglican Communion. 12 saints' biographies will be studied from May 20 to August 12th. The calendar to follow is:
WED. JUL 29 St. Monica
WED. AUG 05 Nicolas Ferrar
WED. AUG 12 St. Hilda.
You are welcome to join us!
PRAYERS: Please, keep in your prayers:
For those who are sick. Permanent List:
David Trim, Julie Shea, June Matthews, Paul Gage, Jack Lyons, Elenor Lynch, Jenny Hussey, Regina Jaworsky, Myrtle Morgan, Maureen Curtin, Stephen Edwards, Jack Lunn, Herbie Tobis, Martinique Francois, Ruth & Joel Johnson, Patsy Herd, Shirley Buckley, Ken Borland, Barry Grant & Glen Garbutt.
For those who are sick. Requested this month: Carol Cocomello, Norma Short, Toby Yamamoto, Linda Edwards, Elionor Behn & Michael Somers.
Those who are in need: For the Canadian Forces abroad.
We pray for those who have died: For all those beloved from our congregation, family members, relatives & friends of St.Paul's. Alison Crichton, Cpl. Sebastien Courcy, Cpl. Martin Dube, Cpl. Nicke Belger, Cpl. Martin Joanette, Cpl. Chuck Michaud & Cpl. Pat Audet.
Our thanksgiving prayer for: For the divine protection over all those who are traveling and in their summer holidays.

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or our blog

This week we pray for:
JUL 26 Diocese of Rhode Island, USA
JUL 27 Diocese of Rift Valley, Tanzania
JUL 28 Diocese of Riod e Janeiro, Brazil
JUL 29 Diocese of Rio Grande, USA
JUL 30 Diocese of Ripon & Leads, England
JUL 31 Diocese of Reverina, Australia
AUG 01 Diocese of Rochester, USA.

JUL 26 St, Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary
JUL 29 William Wilberforce, Social Reformer, 1833.
For more information about the calendar of the Church Year,
check the BAS (pages 14 to 33).

JUL 26 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am

JUL 28 Study & HE @ 10 am
JUL 29 Pastoral Counselling @ 6 pm
AUG 02 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
AUG 05 Study & HE @ 10 am
AUG 09 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
AUG 12 Study & HE @ 10 am
AUG 16 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
AUG 19 Study & HE @ 10 am
AUG 20 Sunday School Meeting @ 7:30 pm
AUG 23 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
AUG 26 Study & HE @ 10 am
AUG 30 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
AUG 31 Chancel Guild meeting @ 8 pm @ parlour
SEP 11 Corn Roast Party @ 5 pm
SEP 26 Third Centennial Party. Topic: Globalisation
SEP 28 Back to Church, a program at diocesan level.
NOV 08 Remembrance Sunday @ 10: 30 am.

WHO IS WHO?: Each month we will have a new person to discover! Few clues and let us guess the person's identity: Loves to collect stamps. Wears short from Spring until early Fall. Fan of British soccer. So, who is our person of July? Let us know during the coffee hour.
BIRTHDAYS: We congratulate all our sisters and brothers on their coming birthdays during May and June. They are:
JUL 25 Norma Cunliffe
JUL 26 Jordon Milburn-Tai
JUL 29 Gwen Kingston
JUL 30 Joan Miles
JUL 31 Brendon Milburn-Tai
AUG 01 Jack Lyons
AUG 04 Dianne Luddington
AUG 06 Mary Novak
AUG 13 Melani Milburn
AUG 16 Kyle Willis
AUG 19 David McPherson
AUG 22 Fiona Hickman
AUG 27 Craig Mathers
AUG 29 Sam Kingston
AUG 30 Mitchell Lyons.God bless all of them in this new year of life.

VOLUNTEERS FOR E.S.L: We are looking for 1 volunteer to help new immigrants to improve their English as a Second Language (ESL) @ The Church of the Holy Trinity. Sessions every 2 weeks on Tuesdays from 6 to 9 pm. AUG 4 & 18, SEP 1, 15 & 29. If interested, please contact Marzena @ 416-843-1493 or Fr. Maurice. Thank you.

PENNIES TO ST. PAUL'S: The youth Group is organizing a campaing to raise money for our parish. Please, let us know if you want to receive a labelled glass jar to collect your change. If interested contact Mary Novak. Thank you for your support.

GLUTTEN FREE: We have started to offering gluteen free bread at communion. Please, let us know any other special request regarding wine of bread at our parish. Thank you.

COFFEE HOUR: Volunteers needed !!!!!!!!. Help with coffee hour. Please, sign up on the list at the newsboard. Thank you for your time and generosity in sharing a great time as a community parish. Light refreshments only.
JUL 26 Alan Peters & Bev Weir
AUG 02 Betty Morgan
AUG 09 Carole Hein
AUG 16 Put your name here
AUG 23 Father Maurice
AUG 30 Put your name here

JUL 30 Baptismal Anniversary of Oliver Emo.
AUG 10 Anniv. of Liz Cumberland & David McPherson.

WEEKLY SMILE: "I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a person standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle." Winston Churchill

EPILOGUE: Come and join us. Our Eucharist Sunday Service @ 10:30 am. and Wednesday Study & Holy Eucharist Celebration @ 10:00 am.

God bless you


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