Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week March 27- April 2, 2011

Week of March 27 to April 2, 2011

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

This Sunday, please join us to celebrate
Third Sunday in Lent
Join us a as community to worship and
proclaim an inclusive and transforming Gospel.
See you on Sunday @ 10:30 am.

Here is some news to share with you:
MARCH 27th@ 10:30 AM
Third Sunday in Lent
Presider & Homilist:
Father Maurice
Lay Reader:
Margaret Lyons
Sidepeople for March:
Alan Peters & Bev Weir
Chancel Guild:
Liz Quinlan & Radika Fraser
533, 394, 65 & 508.


The homily this Sunday is based on the living waters.

SUNDAY LEAFLET: Please, consider taking home the Sunday Leaflet. It can help you review the readings, collect, prayers and news, or you can share it with other parishioners or friends who were not able to attend the Sunday Service. Thank you for your cooperation.

WEDNESDAY SERVICES: Join us for our Wednesday Study & Eucharist Celebration on Wednesday, March 30th @ 10 am. We pray for the Diocese of Busan, Korea. Liturgical Colour: Purple. Readings: Deuteronomy 4: 1, 5-10; Psalm 147: 13-21 & St. Matthew 5: 17-20. We continue the cycle of studies on angelology, called: "And what about angels?". Join us and let us learn a discover the mysteries and ministries of angels.
PRAYERS: Please, keep in your prayers:
For those who are travelling:
For those who are sick:
Maureen Curtin, Tim Shileds, David Gasser, Maureen Curtin, Eleanor Boehm, Arthur Reid, Glen Garbutt, Margaret Sills, Jack & Eleanor Lynch, Claudio Soto, Stephen y Monica Edwards, Shirley Buckley, Regina Jawrosky, Jeff Willis, Norma Cunliffe & Joan Wylie.
For those who are sick. Additional Requests this month: Andrea Fontain, Jean Colwell, Tania Ferrugia, Norma Prior, Kevin Poliah and family, Rob Blair, Linda, Samantha Lyons, Dave Hunt, Bernice Graham, Margaret van Sandeer, Jonathan Belden & Nancy Heywood.
Those who are in need: For the Canadian Forces abroad, people victims of the earthquake in Japan, accidents, terrorism, fanaticism, and natural disasters. For all those who have lost their jobs, home and hope, and for Kogura Hirotako, Isaka Kanako, Ishii Kenji & Yamada Shuko.
We pray for those who have died: For all those beloved from our congregation, family members, relatives & friends of St.Paul's: Adrianne Harris, Anan Poliah and Pepe Reyes.
Our thanksgiving prayer for: For the Chaplains at prisons and hospitals.

Please, let us keep our prayer list updated by checking the book at the entrance of the nave. Thanks.
MAR 26 Earth Hour @ 8:30 pm
MAR 27 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am
MAR 28 Diocesan meeting @ 10 am
MAR 28 Capital Campaign from 7:30 to 8 pm
MAR 28 Baptismal Preparation @ 8 pm
MAR 30 Study & Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
MAR 30 Capital Campaign Dinner & Reports @ 5:30 pm
APR 02 International Day of Autism
APR 03 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am
APR 04 Capital Campaign Exec. Cttee from 7:30 to 8:00 pm
APR 06 Bible Study & Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
APR 10 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am
APR 11 World Day of Parkinson
APR 11 Diocesan meeting @ 10 am
APR 11 Capital Campaign Executive Cttee from 7:30 to 8 pm
APR 11 Advisory Board @ 8 pm Pro-Active version
APR 12 Clericus Meeting @ St. Martin's @ 11 am
APR 13 Bible Study & Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
APR 14 Discussion Group from 7:30 to 8:30 pm
APR 17 Palm Sunday @ 10:30 am
APR 20 Bible Study & Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
APR 21 Potluck Dinner @ 6 pm
APR 21 Maundy Thursday @ 7:30 pm
APR 22 Good Friday @ 10:30 am
APR 23 Great Easter Vigil @ Church of the Advent @ 8 pm
APR 24 Easter Day @ 10:30 am

DISCUSSION GROUP AT ST.PAUL'S: Join us twice a month in a Discussion Groups on Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Please, mark your calendars and plan to attend this new space of informal and interactive way to learn about spirituality and religion among many other issues.
Calendar for March-May:
BIRTHDAYS OF ABRIL: We congratulate all our sisters and brothers on their coming birthdays during March:
APR 03 Ben Borsa
APR 09 Nick Robins
APR 15 Gordon Leighton
APR 24 Shirley Buckley
God bless all of them in this new year of life.

MAR 27 Charles H. Brent, Bishop of the Philippines, 1929
MAR 29 John Keeble, Priest, 1866
MAR 31 John Donne, Priest and Poet, 1631
APR 01 Frederick Denison Maurice, Priest, 1872
APR 02 Henry Budd, 1st Canadian Native Priest, 1850
APR 03 Richard, Bishop of Chichester, 1253
APR 04 Reginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta, 1826
APR 09 William Law, Spiritual Leader, 1761
APR 11 George Selwyn, 1st Missionary Bishop of NZ, 1878
APR 21 Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1109
APR 23 George, Patron of England, Martyr, 4th c.
APR 24 Martyrs of the XX Century
APR 25 St. Mark the Evangelist
APR 29 Catherine of Siena, Reformer, 1380
APR 30 Marie de l'Incarnation, Educator, 1672.
For more information about the calendar of the Church Year, check the BAS (pages 14 to 33).
MAR 27 Diocese of Bungoma, Kenya
MAR 28 Diocese of Bunyoro, Uganda
MAR 29 Diocese of Busan, Korea
MAR 30 Diocese of Busoga, Uganda
MAR 31 Diocese of Butare, Rwanda
APR 01 Diocese of Butere, Kenya.

MAR 27 Marg Lyons
ABR 03 Ken Fraser
CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: We are happy to announce that after three weeks since we started the diocesan capital campaign, our parish reached 21% of the total goal. We are confident that we will continuing with this nobel initiative. Please, visit the news board outside of the lounge to see complete information about this campaign. On behalf of the diocese and the Archbishop Colin Johnson, thank you!
MAR 27 David Trim in memory of Gladys Trim
MAR 27 Anne Ferrugia in memory of Marcu's parents
MAR 27 Anne Ferrugia in memory of her parents
APR 03 Put your name here
APR 10 Put your name here
APR 17 Put your name here (Palm Sunday)
APR 24 Kyle Willis x his parent's Golden Wedding Anniversary
MAR 27 Anne Ferrugia & David Trim
APR 03 Monica Edwards & Marg Lyons
APR 10 Shirley Buckley & Cathy Hunt
APR 17 Put your name here
APR 24 Put your name here.

Why athletic can't have real jobs:
Torrin Polk, University of Houston receiver, on his coach, John Jenkins: "He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings."

WHO IS WHO?: Each month we will have a person to discover! A few clues and let us guess the person's name: Sits at the south side pews, it is a snowbird, will returns to church on late March. So, who is our person of March? Let us know during the coffee hour.
PLEASE SIGN TO SAVE THE SEALS: Sign up the form available at the news board to ask the government to stop to commercial seal fishing with the exception of aboriginal people in Canadian fisheries waters. Let us contribute and save the creation of God.

APR 17 Palm Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
APR 21 Potluck Dinner @ 6 pm
APR 21 Maundy Thursday @ 7:30 pm
APR 22 Good Friday Service @ 10:30 am
APR 23 Deanery Easter Vigil @ 8 pm (Ch. of the Advent)
APR 24 Easter Day @ 10:30 am
MAY 08 Mother's Day
JUN 12 Pentecost Service
JUN 19 Father's Day
JUN 26 Strawberry Social
JUL 21 Summer BBQ
SEP 11 Roast Corn Festival
SEP 25 Back to Church Sunday
OCT 02 The Blessing of the Animals
OCT 09 Thanksgiving Sunday
NOV 06 Remembrace Sunday
DEC 24 Christmas Eve Service
DEC 25 Christmas Pageant.

BREAKOUT KINGS: Keep an eye on Sundays @ 10:30 pm at chanel 31 where you will be able to watch the serial TV Breakout Kings. An episode was filmed in our church building.

EPILOGUE: Come and join us. Our Eucharist Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am and our Study & Morning Prayer on Wednesdays @ 10 am.

See you around. Chanel your gifts and talents with us!


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