Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week of October 7 to 13, 2012
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost,
The Blessing of the Animals,
Thanksgiving Sunday and
Memorial for Casey Kok.
Presider & Homilist: Fr. Maurice
Organist: Michael Li.
Cantors: Devin Yuke
Lay Readers: Radika Fraser
Sidepeople for October:
Betty Morgan
Chancel Guild:
All Team & Radika Fraser
Hymns: 355/375, 259, 628, 399
Rite: BAS
This Sunday the homily is based on Thanksgiving for
all Creation of God and the Blessing of the Animals.

READINGS for SUNDAY: The readings for this Sunday are: Joel 2: 21-27; Psalm 8; 1 Timothy 2: 1-7 & St. Matthew 6: 25-33.
SUNDAY LEAFLET: Please, take home the Sunday Leaflet. It can help you to review the readings, collect, prayers and parish news, or you can share this leaflet with other parishioners or friends who were not able to attend the Sunday Service. Thank you for your cooperation.

WEDNESDAY STUDIES: Join to our Wednesday Study, Eucharistic Celebration and Coffee Time @ 10 a.m. Liturgical colour: Green. St. Paulinus, First Bishop of York, Missionary, 644.  We pray for the Diocese of Tanga, Tanzania. Readings for this Wednesday, October 10th: Galatians 2: 1-2, 7-14; Psalm 117 & St. Luke 11: 1-4.

OCT 07 The Blessing of the Animals
OCT 07 Thanksgiving Sunday
OCT 07 Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 10:30 am
OCT 07 Hispanic Mass. Parroquia San Esteban @ 2 pm
OCT 08 Thanksgiving Day
OCT 10 Wednesday Study & HE @ 10 am.
OCT 10 Corporation meeting @ 12 pm
OCT 11 Italian Mass @ 10 am. St. Mary Magdalene
OCT 11 Postulancy Committee @ 6 pm
OCT 14 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
OCT 14 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm. Parroquia San Esteban
OCT 15-16 York-West Area Clergy Retreat in Niagara
OCT 17 Wednesday Study & Morning Prayer @ 10 am
OCT 18 Discussion Group from 7:30 to 8:30 pm
OCT 21 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
OCT 24 Wednesday Study & Morning Prayer @ 10 am
OCT 28 Sunday Service @ 10:30 am
OCT 31 Wednesday Study & HE @ 10 am
OCT 31 Reformation Day

For those who are travelling:
For those who are sick:
Maureen Curtin, Tina Chan, Michael Li Sr, Yvonne Rutkay, Ellean Tan, david Federman, Beth Vosskuhler, Beulah & Arthur Reid, Bernice Graham, Lyne Argyle, Fred Bucsis, Regina Jarowskjy, Monica & Stephen Edwards, Wilma Smith, Jack Lynch, Joy McGee, Anne Blok and jennifer Espinoza.
Those who are in need: For the Canadian Forces abroad and for prisoners and in captivity.
We pray for those who have died: For all those beloved from our congregation, family members, relatives and friends of St. Paul's:  
Our thanksgiving prayer for: For the food, clothing, housing, and health tha we receive from God.
Diocese of Tabora, Tanzania
Diocese of Tait Taveta, Kenya
Diocese of Taiwan, Taiwan
Diocese of Tamale, West Africa
Diocese of Tanga, Tanzania
Diocese of Tasmania, Australia
Diocese of Temoru, Melanesia.

FLOWERS AT THE ALTAR:Please, after you donate flowers to the altar provide your invoice to Shirley Buckley or accumulate for the end of the year for tax purposes.
OCT 07 David Borsa in memory of Casey Kok
OCT 14 Melissa & Gavin Diaz in memory of loved ones
OCT 21 Put your name here
OCT 28 Pur your name here
NOV 04 Fr. Maurice in memory of Daniel Francois
NOV 11 Put your name here
NOV 18 Put your name here.
NOV 25 Put your name here.

OCT 07 Radika Fraser
OCT 14 Harlan Lunn
OCT 21 Jean Colwell
OCT 28 Brian Beech

OCT 10 Paulinus, First Bishop of York, Missionary, 644
OCT 13 Edward the Confessor, King of Englsn, 1066
OCT 15 Teresa of Avila, Reformer, 1582 (see above)
OCT 15 John of the Cross, Reformer, 1591
OCT 17 Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr, c. 115
OCT 18 St. Luke the Evangelist
OCT 19 Jean de Brebeuf, Martyr in New France, 1642
OCT 23 James of Jerusalem
OCT 26 Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons, 899
OCT 28 Saint Simon & Saint Judas, Apostles
OCT 29 James Hannington, Bishop & his companions, Martyrs, 1885
OCT 230 John Wyclif and Jan Hus, Reformers, 1384 & 1415
OCT 31 Saints of the Reformation Era.

OCT 07 The Borsas
OCT 14 Father Maurice
OCT 21 Put your name here
OCT 28 Put your name here
NOV 04 Father Maurice
NOV 11 Put your name here
NOV 18 Put your name here
NOV 25 Put your name here.

OCT 01 Drago & Suzane Avdalovic, Wedding Anniversary
OCT 15 Victoria Jamrich, Mmemorial Anniversary
OCT 16 Cliff & Barbara Nobel, Wedding Anniversary
OCT 22 Philippa Barton, Memorial Anniversary
OCT 22 Kieran Barton, Memorial Anniversary
OCT 26 Clara Norton, Baptismal Anniversary
OCT 26 Chase Norton, Baptismal Anniversary
FOOD BANK: Thank you very much to everyone who is supporting our Food Bank tha we share with those in need. We are asking to focus more into food and supplies for children (diapers). Please, do not bring peanut butter. Thanks.
CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: Still making your pending decision? There is still time! Please, let us know about your support. You will receive a phone call or letter soon. Thank you for your time and good will to give to your parish.

PROPERTY REPORT: David Borsa & Brian Beedch, members od The Property Committee reports that: 1) The tiles at the main entrance (Willard Avenue) will be replaced before October 28th.
2) The main door, Willard Avenue's access will be painted in a cheerful colour. and 3) Two broken windows of the gym were replaced by new one and protected with flexiglass. We thanks the members of this committee to keep our house in excellent shape.

OCT 07 The Blessing of the Animals
OCT 07 Thanksgiving Day

OCT 28 Violin & Piano recital @ 2 pm
NOV 11 Remembrance Day
DEC 02 St. Paul's 103th Anniversary

DEC 12 Christmas Carol Play @ 7 pm
DEC 24 Christmas Eve Service

JAN 13-20 Week of Prayer for the Christian Unity
JAN 20 Christian Unity Ecumenical Service
FEB 12 Pancake Supper
FEB 13 Ash Wednesday
FEB 24 Baden Powell Sunday
MAR 02 World Day of Prayer
MAR 03 Annual Vestry Meeting
MAR 24 Palm Sunday
MAR 28 Maundy Thursday & Potluck
MAR 29 Good Friday
MAR 31 Easter Day
MAY 05 Mother's Day
JUN 23 Strawberry Social

EPILOGUE: Come and join us!!!!!! We will be happy to see you and be involved in our Sunday and Wednesday Services and well in our every second Thursday at our Discussion Group. Channel your gifts and talents with us to the glory of God.

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