Friday, April 5, 2013

Week of April 7 to 13th, 2013
SUNDAY, APRIL 7th 2013
First Sunday of Easter

Presider & Homilist: Fr. Maurice
Children Focus: Melisa & Gavin Diaz
Lay Readers: Harlan Lunn
Sidepeople for April:
Gordon & Mildred Leighton and Harlan Lunn
Chancel Guild:
Shirley Buckley & Jean Colwell
Hymns: 215, 481, 374 & 598
Rite: BCP
The homily this Sunday is based on
Jesus appears to the disciples and Thomas.
READINGS for SUNDAY: The readings for this Sunday are: Acts 5: 27-31; Psalm 118: 14-29; Revelation 1: 4-8 & St. John 20: 19-31.
SUNDAY LEAFLET: Please, take home the Sunday Leaflet. It can help you to review the readings, collect, prayers and parish news, or you can share this leaflet with other parishioners or friends who were not able to attend the Sunday Service. Thank you for your cooperation.

WEDNESDAY STUDIES: Join to our Wednesday Study in our new series of studies on "The Historical Jesus" and it is followed by the Eucharistic Celebration and Coffee Time @ 10 a.m. Liturgical colour: White.Wednesday in Easter Week. We pray for the Diocese of Chubu in Japan. Readings for this Wednesday, April 10th are: Acts 5: 17-26; Psalm 34: 1-8 & St. John 3: 16-21.
APR 06 Episcopal Election @ 9:30 am. St.James' Cathedral
APR 07 Sunday Service & Children Focus @ 10:30 am
APR 07 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm. Parroquia San Esteban
APR 08 Advisory Board @ 8 pm Business Format
APR 09 Clericus @ 12 pm @ St. Mary Magdalene
APR 10 Wednesday Study & HE @ 10 am
APR 11 Italian Mass @ 10 am. St. Mary Magdalene
APR 14 Sunday Service & Children Focus @ 10:30 am
APR 14 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm Parroquia San Esteban
APR 14 Diocesan Confirmations $ 4:40 pm. St.James' Cathedral
APR 17 Wednesday Study & HE @ 10 am
APR 18 Italian Mass @ 10 am. St.Mary Magdalene
APR 18 Discussion Group from 7:30 to 8:30 pm
APR 20 York-Credit Valley Leadership Day @ 9:30 am
APR 21 Sunday Service & Children Focus @ 10;30 am
APR 21 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm. Parroquia San Esteban
APR 22 Advisory Board @ 8 pm Pro-Active Format
APR 24 Wednesday Study & HE @ 10 am
APR 25 Italian Mass @ 10 am. St. Mary Magdalene
APR 29 Tehcnology Team meeting @ 5 pm
APR 30 Bishop's Compnay Dinner @ 6 pm. Marriott Hotel

For those who are travelling:
For those who are sick:
Hugh Harris, Peggy Stahlbaum, Brian McDonald, Anne Farrugia, Francesco Misitano, Father Sherman Hesselgrave, Marcelina Gallardo, Isabell Muesch, Nancy Whitla, Tony Tripodi, Victor Borsa, Kay Karbownik, Richard McLean, Cynthia Wedgbury, Louise Mundell, George & Joan Funnell, Leonardo Segovia, Bonnie St. Louis, Evelyn Doman, Kevin Diaz, Dorno y Natalie Vassel, Marg Sills, Beulah Reid, Bernice Graham, Lyne Argyle, Wilma Smith, Regina Jarowskjy, Gary Beech, Monica & Stephen Edwards. 
Those who are in need: For Carsten Muesch, Jannicke Haug, Cristina Ogalde, Philip Nadeau & family, and for the Canadian Forces abroad and those in captivity.
We pray for those who have died: For all those beloved from our congregation, family members, relatives and friends of St. Paul's. Peter Kormos and Ron Panter,
Our thanksgiving prayer for: For the new elected suffragant bishop of our diocese.
Let us pray to the Lord.
All: Hear us, Lord of glory!
Diocese of Chotanagpur in India
Diocese of Christ the King in South Africa
Diocese of Christ Church in New Zealand
Diocese of Cubu in Japan
Diocese of Clogher in Ireland
Diocese of Coimbatore in India and for
The Anglican Church of South Korea.
Let us pray to the Lord.
All: Hear us, Lord of glory!
The flowers decorating the church this Eastertide are given to the glory of God:
In loving memory of dear husband John from Monica Edwards.
In thanks to God for all blessings from Radika Fraser.
In loving memory of a dear husband Jack from Margarte Lyons.
In loving memory of my dear husband Arthur from Beulah Reid.
In loving memory of son Scott from Cliff and Barb Noble.
In loving memory of her parents, brother and nephew from Betty Morgan.
In loving memory of her parents Giuseppe & Rosalia from Mary Scarfo.
In loving memory of Harry & Vera Skingle from Beverly Weir & Joan Spencer.
In loving memory of Maurice, Martinique, Daniel & Rosemarie from Father Maurice.
In memory of loved ones & greatful thanks for my successful operation, Kay Karbownik.
In loving memory of Ada Songster Doman & Neville Diaz from Melisa & Gaving Diaz.
In loving memory of Sidney & Connie MacLean from their daughters Beverly Weir & Joan Spencer.
In loving memory of Thomas Peters Sr, Jack Peters, Lillian Peters, Thomas Peters Jr, Margaret Peters Walpole and Stanley Walpole from Alan Peters.

APR 07 Harlan Lunn
APR 14 Margaret Lyons
APR 21 Jean Colwell
APR 28 Brian Beech
We welcome Melisa Vassel to the team of Lay Readers at our parish.
We already asked Bishop Poole to give the licence to Melisa.
APR 09 William Law, Priest and Spiritual Leader, 1761
APR 11 George A.Selwyn, 1st Missionary Bishop of New Zealand, 1878
APR 21 Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher of the Faith, 1109
APR 23 George, Patron of England, Martyr, 4th c.
APR 24 Martyrs of the Twentieth Century
APR 25 Saint Mark the Evangelist
APR 29 Catherine of Siena, Reformer & Spiritual Teacher, 1380
APR 30 Marie de l'Incarnation, Educator in New France, 1672.
APR 07 Margaret Lyons
APR 14 Put your name here
APR 21 Put your name here
APR 28 Father Maurice
MAY 05 Put your name here
MAY 12 Put your name here
MAY 19 Put your name here
MAY 26 Put your name here.

APR 11 Claudio Soto, Memorial Anniversary
APR 20 Stephen Morgan, Memorial Anniversary
MAY 02 Rotha Sutherland, Memorial Anniversary
MAY 05 Lillian & Alfred Rasmussen, Marriage Anniversary
MAY 10 Fr.Maurice & Mary, Marriage Anniversary
MAY 13 Thomas Tanchak, Baptismal Anniversary
MAY 15 Leonard Mathu, Baptismal Anniversary
MAY 31 Dylan Wood, Baptismal Anniversary.

Can you identify some of these people?
If now, ask to Shirley, Alan or Margaret.

MONSIGNOR ROMERO PLAY: Avant Premier in Toronto and Canada of the play about Monsignor Oscar Romero. On stage only three days 10, 11 & 12 April @ 7 pm at The Church of The Holy Trinity. Surtitles in English and French. Tickets available at Coffee Time. General entrance $ 15 and Students/Seniors $ 10.

MAY 12 Mother's Day @ 10:30 am
MAY 19 Pentecost @ 10:30 am
JUN 16 Father's Day @ 10:30 am
JUN 23 Strawberry Social @ 12 pm
JUN 30 Canada Day & Patronal Feast @ 10:30 am
SEP 07 Evan Street Party @ 5 pm
SEP 29 Back to Church Sunday @ 10:30 am
OCT 06 The Blessing of the Animals @ 10:30 am
OCT 13 Thanksgiving Sunday @ 10:30 am
NOV 10 Remembrance Sunday @ 10:30 am
DEC 01 St. Paul's Anniversary # 104 @ 10:30 am
DEC 22 Christmas Pageant @ 10:30 am
DEC 24 Christmas Eve Service @ 5 pm.
EPILOGUE: Come and join us!!!!!! We will be happy to see you and be involved in our Sunday and Wednesday Services and well in our every second Thursday at our Discussion Group. Channel your gifts and talents with us to the glory of God.



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