Friday, June 29, 2018

Week of July 1st to 8, 2018. 
SUNDAY, JUNE 24th, 2018
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
Presiders: Fr. Maurice & Fr. Ferro
Homilist: Father Maurice
Reader: Brian Beech
Sidepeople: Colleen Milburn
Chancel Guild:
Colleen & Mary
Hymns: 659-660, 349, 306, 275 & 433
Rite: BCP
READINGS for SUNDAY: The readings for this Sunday are: 1 Samuel 1, 17-27; Psalm 24; 2 Corinthians 8: 7-15 & St. Mark 5: 21-43. 

JUL 01 Brian Beech
JUL 08 Ken Fraser
JUL 15 Colleen Milburn
JUL 22 Harlan Lunn
JUL 01 Colleen & Mary
JUL 08 Betty & Titi
JUL 15 Margaret & Kathryn
JUL 22 Colleen & Marcela
JUL 29 Betty & Mary


For those who are travelling. 
For those who are sick:  Patrick de Caires, Sam & Francis Lima, Bruce Nicol, Doris Sinasac, Debborah Torr, Ken Faggetter, Abraham Wells, Kelvin Diaz, Hugh Curley, Jeff Jamieson, Claire Gamage, Gina Moore, Joan Sloane, Win Bourchier, Alan Peters, Mark Richardson, Donald Wright, Shirley Buckley, Tom Walpole, Paula & Gregory Lunn, Kay Karbownik, Bill Stahlbaum, Gilbert McGee, Wilma & Dolly Borsa.
Let us pray to the Lord:  
Lord, have mercy. 
For those who are in need:  For Michael Escobar, P.S. Hazell, Maurice Cointreau & Margaret Lyons. For the innocent population of Syrian. For the people suffering by natural disasters. For the migrants, asylum seekers and refugee people. We pray for the vulnerable population and for Christian communities around the world. We pray for the Canadian Forces abroad, and we pray for those who are suffering or in captivity due their faith, gender, race, language, ideology or sexual orientation.
Let us pray to the Lord:  
Lord, have mercy. 
For those who passed away: For all beloved from our congregation, family members, relatives and friends of St.Paul's: For Marylinne Ferguson, David Layton, Jeff Willis, & Otunba Fayoda. We pray for all the victims of natural disasters. We pray for all refugees killed by the religious or political fanaticism, and we pray for those innocent victims killed in conflict among nations, terrorism and organized crime.
Let us pray to the Lord:  
Lord, have mercy. 
Our Thanksgiving prayer for: The birthday of this week: Mildred Leighton & Ruth Gaitskell.  
Let us pray to the Lord:  
Lord, have mercy. 
For our partnership in prayer with St.Paul's Church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The Diocese of Cueibet in South Sudan
Cuernavaca in Mexico
Curitiba in Brazil
Cuttack in India
Cyangugu in Rwanda
Cyprus in Middle East
Daejeon in South Korea 
and for the Diocese of Dallas in US. 
Let us pray to the Lord:  
Lord, have mercy. 
For organizations and people protecting animals,
forests and other naturals resources.
For more education on environment,
especially the negative impact from industries.
For more policies to protect endangered species
such whales, turtles and polar bears.
To stop hunting camps and safaris.
For more UN's restrictions over Japan, Norway
& Iceland's what hunting.
For more campaigns to stop the fur industry.
For the increase of bees and monarch butterfly
population around the world.
For Jane Goodall, activist and advocate for animal world
For Anita Krajnc, activist of Toronto Pig Save.
For the pets of our community,
Animals dying at Venezuelan's zoos.
Keilly (Wilnhurst) sick, 
Sudan, last White Rhino, RIP
Koko, gorilla of sign language, RIP
Pinky, cat (Haug) RIP
HMD Willow, RIP 
Victoria, Polar bear and her cub just born.
Let us pray to the Lord:  
Lord, have mercy. 

JUL 01 Sunday Service & Sunday School at 10:30 am
JUL 01 Blessing of the organ (Lady Chapel) @ 11 am

JUL 01 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm, Parroquia San Esteban
JUL 05 Italian Mass @ 10 am. St.Mary Magdalene
JUL 08 Sunday Service & Sunday School at 10:30 am
JUL 08 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm, Parroquia San Esteban
JUL 12 Italian Mass @ 10 am. St.Mary Magdalene
JUL 15 Sunday Service & Sunday School at 10:30 am
JUL 15 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm, Parroquia San Esteban
JUL 19 Italian Mass @ 10 am. St.Mary Magdalene
JUL 22 Sunday Service & Sunday School at 10:30 am
JUL 22 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm, Parroquia San Esteban
JUL 26 Portuguese Mass @ 10 am. St.Mary Magdalene
JUL 29 Sunday Service & Sunday School at 10:30 am
JUL 29 Hispanic Mass @ 2 pm, Parroquia San Esteban
AUG 02 Italian Mass @ 10 am. St.Mary Magdalene.

JUN 29 Saint Peter & Saint Paul, Apostles
JUL 03 St. Thomas the Apostel (see above)
JUL 06 Thomas More, 1535
JUL 11 Benedict of Nursia, Abbot, c. 540
JUL 13 Henry, Missionary Bishop in Finland, 1150
JUL 22 Saint Mary Magdalene
JUL 25 Saint James the Apostle
JUL 26 Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary
JUL 29 William Wilberforce, Social Reformer, 1833
AUG 03 Saint Stephen, Deacon & Martyr
AUG 06 The Transfiguration of the Lord
AUG 07 John Mason Neale, Priest, 1866
AUG 08 Dominic, Priest and Friar, 1221
AUG 10 Laurence, Deacon & Martyr at Rome, 258
AUG 11 Clare of Assisi, Reformer, 1253
AUG 13 Jeremy Taylor, Spiritual Teacher, 1667
AUG 14 Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martyr, 1945
AUG 15 Saint Mary the Virgin
AUG 16 Holy Women of the Old Testament
AUG 20 Bernard, Abbott of Clairvaux, 1153
AUG 24 Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
AUG 24 Masacre of St. Bartholomew, Paris, 1572
AUG 27 Monnica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo, 387
AUG 28 Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, Teacher of the Faith, 387
AUG 29 The Beheading of St. John the Baptist
AUG 30 Robert McDonald, Priest in the Western Arctic, 1913
AUG 31 Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Missionary, 651

A ministry of welcoming and hospitality. Join us! Be a channel of blessing on Sundays. Thank you for signing up on the calendar located at the news board in the hallway outside of the lounge. Please, contact Kay Karbownik, our Hospitality Ministry's Chair.
JUL 01 Colleen Milburn
JUL 08 Harlan Lunn
JUL 15 Margaret Lyons
JUL 22 Marlene Beech
JUL 29 Margaret Lyons.

JUL 01 Canada Day
JUL 01 Patronal Feast of St. Paul the Apostle
AUG 06 Civic Day.
SEP 01 Evans Street Neighbourhood Party @ 5 pm
SEP 16 The Blessing of the Backpacks @ 10:30 am
SEP 30 Back to Church Sunday @ 10:30 am
OCT 07 Blessing of the Animals @ 10:30 am
OCT 14 Thanksgiving Sunday @ 10:30 am
OCT 31 Anniversary of Reformation
NOV 11 Remembrance Sunday @ 10:30 am
DEC 01 World AIDS Day
DEC 02 St. Paul's Parish Anniversary # 109
DEC 16 Lessons & Carols Service @ 10:30 am
DEC 24 Christmas Eve Service @ 5 pm
DEC 25 Christmas Day.
JAN 18-25 Week of Prayers for Christian Unity
JAN 28 Ecumenical Service 3 pm.
FEB 13 Pancake Supper from 5 to 7:30 pm
FEB 14 Ash Wednesday Service @ 10 am
FEB 25 Annual Vestry Meeting @ 12 pm
MAR 03 World Day of Prayer @ 10 am
MAR 04 Baden Powell Sunday @ 10:30 am
MAR 25-APR 1st Holy Week
MAR 25 Palm Sunday @ 10:30 am
MAR 29 Potluck before the service @ 5 pm
MAR 29 Maundy Thursday @ 7:30 pm
MAR 30 Good Friday @ 10:30 am
MAR 30 Walking for Justice @ 2 pm
APR 01 Easter Day
APR 02 World Day of Autism
APR 22 Earth's Day
MAY 13 Mother's Day @ 10:30 am
MAY 17 International Day Against Homophobia
MAY 20 Pentecost Day
JUN 17 Father's Day @ 10:30 am
JUN 17 Picnic Service @ High Park @ 10:30 am
JUN 24 Strawberry Social after the Service
JUN 24 Pride Sunday & Pride Parade

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