Friday, June 25, 2021


JUN 27 Patronal Feast of St. Paul (Transferred)
JUN 27 Video Reflection @ 3:00 pm
JUN 28 Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon
JUN 28 Team Pneuma @ 7 pm
JUN 29 St. Paul & St. Peter, Apostles
JUN 30 Zoom Pastoral Team @ 7 pm
JUL 01 Canada Day (Federal Holiday) 
JUL 03 St. Thomas, Apostle
JUL 04 Video Reflection @ 3 pm
JUL 05 Zoom Pneuma @ 7 pm
JUL 06 St. Thomas More, Martyr
JUL 07 Zoom Pastoral Team @ 7 pm
JUL 08 Zoom Trans-Esteban @ 7 pm
JUL 09 Zoom Memorial @ 11 am
JUL 11 Video Reflection @ 3 pm
JUL 12 Zoom Pneuma @ 7 pm
JUL 13 St. Henry, Missionary in Finland
JUL 14 Zoom Pastoral Team @ 7 pm
JUL 18 Video Reflection @ 3 pm
JUL 19 Zoom Pneuma @ 10 am
JUL 21 Zoom Pastoral Team @ 7 pm
JUL 22 St. Mary Magdalene, Apostle
JUL 25 Video Reflection @ 3 pm
JUL 25 Zoom Pastoral Counselling @ 4 pm
JUL 26 St. James, Apostle
JUL 26 Zoom Pneuma @ 10 am
JUL 28 Zoom Pastoral Team @ 7 pm
JUL 29 William Wilberforce, Social Reformer


For those who are travelling. 
For those who are sick:  All people with Covid-19. We pray for Ingrid Soto, Arnold Grogg,  Angela Berstein, Rene Salinas, Andrew Bell, Howard Kerr, Sonia Flores, Javier Garcia, Linda Castro, Angus McPherson, Don Glover, Adriana Quiroga, Leonard Thomas, Nuvia de Franchi, Cal Kerr, Sandy Curry, Father Terrance Bell, John Mikhael, Johnny Longhair, Claude Sisler, Beth Baskin, Russ Smith, Ron Lewis, Sarai, Ken Bailey, Joyce Barnett, Bishop Leo Frade, Keith Nunn, Lee Creal, Pamela Cordero, Pablo Duran, Anne Farrugia, David Schmidling, Susan Carr,  Roger Tai, Ken Fraser, Beverly Ferreira, Chris Parker, Leonardo Segovia, Nick & Tim Shields, Veronica Payne, Roy Williams, Kyle Willis, Mark Richardson, Shirley Buckley, Paula & Gregory Lunn & Kay Karbownik.
Let us pray to the Lord.
Lord, have mercy
For those who are in need:  For the Tk'emlups te Secwepemc and Cowessess First Nations communities. For those who are suffering of famine in Madagascar. For Dita Perez, Blanca & Lela Cordero, Pilar Montoya, Maria Paula Velasquez, Family Lemus-Campos, Familia Beas-Cordero, Corina, Micken, Matt, Heike, Samantha & Natasha Pehler, Family Anderson, Roxana Lanyon, Adriana Colin, Robert & Bryan Husted, Daniel Pizarro, Hilda Hernandez, Family Shields, Margaret Phillips & Margaret Lyons. For the  sick people with Covid-19 in Brazil and India. For the people of Burma, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Gaza (Palestine-Israel). For the migrants, asylum seekers and refugee people. We pray for the vulnerable population and for Christian communities around the world. We pray for the Canadian Forces abroad, and we pray for those who are suffering or in captivity due their faith, gender, sexual orientation, race, language or ideology.
Let us pray to the Lord.
Lord, have mercy
For those who have passed on: For all beloved from our congregation, family members, relatives and friends of St.Paul's:  For the 215 children from Kamloops Residential School. For all the people who passed on with Covid-19. For Josefa Berstein, Ron Lewis, Kim Cooper, Guillermo Sepulveda, Father Pablo Velasquez, Jorge Beas, Napoleon Lemus, Benjamin Pehler, Kashav Georges, Enrique Flores, Craig Anderson, Cornell Dennis & Elijah McClain. We pray for all the victims of natural disasters. We pray for all refugees killed by the religious or political fanaticism, and we pray for those innocent victims killed in conflict among nations, terrorism and organized crime.
Let us pray to the Lord.
Lord, have mercy
Our Thanksgiving prayer for: For the birthday of this week: Braden Buckley & Daniel Iloabachie. For the new life of Luciana Suarez. Baptismal anniversary of Paul W. Harlock, Ordination anniversary of Father Maurice, and Memorial anniversary of Ely Lunn.
Let us pray to the Lord.
Lord, grant us peace
For organizations and people protecting animals,
forests and other naturals resources.
For more education on environment,
especially the negative impact from industries.
For more policies to protect endangered species
such whales, turtles and polar bears.
To stop hunting camps and safaris.
For more UN's restrictions over Japan, Norway
& Iceland's whale hunting.
For more campaigns to stop the fur industry.
For the increase of bees and monarch butterfly
population around the world.
For Jane Goodall, activist and advocate for animal world
For Anita Krajnc, activist of Toronto Pig Save.
For the pets of our community,
Animals dying at Venezuelan's zoos.
For the animals victims & injured from Amazon wildfires,
Stuart (cat), sick, Chan,
For Okie (cat) RIP, Harlan Lunn
For Bailey (dog) RIP, Brian Beech
For Rocky (dog) RIP, Francie Keats,
For Stewart (cat) RIP, Fam. Chan,
For Bruny (dog) RIP, Fam. Bravo.
Let us pray to the Lord.
Lord, have mercy

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