Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week of April 8 to 14, 2012

Week April 8 to 14, 2012

Presider & Homilist: Father Maurice
Organist: Michael Li
Cantor: Devin Yuke
Lay Reader: Mark Richardson
Sunday School Coordinator: Colleen Milburn
Sidepeople for April:
Gordon & Mildred Leighton, Harlan Lunn
Chancel Guild:
All set & Anne Farrugia
Rite: BAS

EASTER LILLIES 2012: The flowers decaorating the church this Easteride are give to the glory of God by:

In loving memory of family members gobe on before from Brian & Marleen Beech.

In loving memory of dear husband John from Monica Edwards

In loving memory of husband Ted and family members of Kay Karbownik

In loving memory of of husband Jack from Marg Lyons

In loving memory of her parents and brother from Betty Morgan

In loving memory of son Scott from Cliff & Barb Noble

In loving memory of Thomas Peters Sr. Lillian Peters, Thomas Peters Jr., and Margaret Walpole from Alan Peters.

In loving memory of of Sydney & Connie MacLean from their daughters Bev Weir & Jean Spencer.

In loving memory of of Harry & Vera Skingle from their granddaughters Bev Weir & Jean Spencer.

LAUNCHING OF THE CENTENNIAL BOOK: Our Centennial Book's launching will be held this Sunday, April 8th after the Easter Sunday Service. A special and brief liturgy will be say to bless and dedicate this great efoort to the glory of God. Book will be sale in $ 35 (subsidy price) and signed by the author, Harlan Lunn. Please, mark this day and plan to buy your copy and other to give for birthdays, anniversaries or keep it until Christmas as a gift.

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